Monday, November 16, 2015

Been A Little Busy

I haven't been updating much because in my spare time (other than being a mommy to 3 of the most wonderful little girls in the world), I've been studying towards my birth doula training certificate. Okay, I may be watching tv a little bit too.

I'm really into Jane the Virgin right now, but that's another blog post! I've had to do a lot of reading for my certification and I find it pretty easy to read with the kids around, even if they're being noisy. I don't know, maybe because I grew up in a noisy household? But while the kids are in school, that's where I do a lot of my reading and writing assignments.

As a relatively new vegan, I've also been trying to find new recipes and new ways of cooking things. I can't just eat stir fry and brown rice every day (no matter how much I love it!). With the kids being vegetarians, it's a bit easier because they like cheese so they can still eat cheese pizza or mac and cheese, which I've never been a fan of anyway. I think tonight, I'm probably going to make something different, as we had stir fry and brown rice last night! Perhaps vegan chicken. Chickin'? Chikkin? There are many different ways of spelling it to let people know it's not from an actual chicken, I guess.

Later guys!