Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Crock Pot Slow Cooker Ideas!

I just got a Crockpop Slow Cooker as a gift from my sweet aunt from Chicago. Actually, let me be more truthful...I got it for Christmas and it's already April and I've only used it twice. I know, I know, I'm terrible.

I wanted one really badly because my friend Luisa kept talking about the yummy things she was making in her slow cooker. The first thing I made was chicken soup. It was the winter and it seemed like the girls were taking turns getting sick, so I made a huge pot full of soup! I had a lot of vegetables in it, including baby carrots, sweet corn and huge chunks of cut up potatoes. My husband then went and got a rotisserie chicken from the Costco near us and cut it up and added it to it right before it was done cooking. Oh! And rice! Plenty of rice! (We love rice in my house, it goes fast!) I prefer Jasmine rice, but I guess any rice will do. Next time I think I'll use brown rice, but my concern is always it getting too mushy too quickly. I also used Trader Joe's broth. It's really good and they have a good selection.

Since then, I haven't come up with any new ideas of what I can throw in to the Slow Cooker. I have a recipe book that my aunt got with it, but I seem to always forget that you can make things other than soup in it! And I love household gadgets and small kitchen appliances that make life easier (especially with having 3 kids!)

The house smelled really good while it was cooking! The vegetables weren't overcooked or too soft and the kids loved it! We all ate a bunch! Especially my carrot-loving children!

What are your favorite crock pot recipes, and what websites do you use to find good crock pot ideas? Share in the comments below!