Friday, October 30, 2015

But What Do You Eat??

3 months as a vegan, and I'm still asked "but what do you eat?". I think people assume I just eat salads and apples. Yes, I do eat salad and apples, especially apples because they're delicious, but I honestly don't eat a lot of salads! I'll put lettuce, kale and/or chard on sandwiches or even in my juice when I'm using my Nutribullet! But I'm not crazy about salad. Every now and then, it's good.

I do eat a lot of potatoes, green beans, kidney beans, refried beans and a lot of stir fry. I love brown rice and pasta with red sauce (as long as it's vegan). But I have felt like I'm missing out on things when people are eating baked goods around me. So I had to figure that one out!

I'm lucky there's a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's nearby. They both have baked goods that are vegan, but do you know how much Whole Foods will cost you if you go there regularly? I'm a mother of 3, I don't have Rockerfeller money. I'm no Trump (thank God!) and I'm certainly not living it up in Beverly Hills (though I live not too far from there...okay, a little far...I'm kind of in the valley).

So I decided to share with you a few foods I've discovered lately and some recipes I figured out on my own or found online! I'll update this blog with foods I've tried from time!

Soon I'll post on this blog about how I discovered cake mix that you can add soda to! Yes, that's a thing! And it's good! Especially when you add Sprite to lemon cake mix with lemon frosting! Have you tried the lemon iced cake at Starbucks?? This is better! Tomorrow, I'll post it, I promise!

Later guys!