Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Watching DIY Videos With My Girls

Lately my twin 6 year old daughters are very much into watching cooking shows and HGTV House Hunters and things of that nature. They like looking at houses, watching people cook and dreaming up what kind of house they'd want when they're older. Mia says "I want a huge house with a pool and a dog and a cat and a bunny and I want to be a baker". My Laila just likes pointing out how her house would be decorated. The outside of it will be green, of course. And Mia's house will be blue and they'll live next door to each other, and then next door to us and Anneka, they're older sister who's 8.

I've also gotten them into DIY Youtube videos. The girls will sit on my bed and watch Youtube videos on my MacBook Pro forever! I just wanted to share a few of our favorite DIY videos from Youtube!

The girls really liked this one. They want to create wings just to play around the house in!

All three really liked this one, though as My Little Pony fans, they pointed out there was a mistake in this costume...Rainbow Dash isn't a unicorn, thus, no horn! Oops!

I promised them we can do this one together. Of course, we have cereal boxes around the house! They always want to keep one or two and I have to sneak and throw it away! But hey, I can make a notebook out of one! Repurpose, right?
If you want to check out her other videos from's Youtube channel, go here.